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Blood Transfusion, This You Need to Know

Blood transfusion is a procedure for delivering blood collected in blood bags to people who need blood, through veins (intravenously). Blood supplied comes from donors. Blood transfusion is part of the treatment of doctors to save the lives of patients who lack blood or are suffering from certain diseases. Transfused blood can be in the form of a whole blood component (whole blood), or just one component of the blood, including: Red blood cells (packed red cell / PRC). It is the component of blood that is most often transfused. Red blood cells function to carry oxygen from the heart throughout the body and remove carbon dioxide and body wastes. Platelets (thrombocyte concentrates / TC). Play a role in stopping bleeding. Clotting factor (cryoprecipitate). Like platelets, they play a role in stopping bleeding. Blood plasma (fresh frozen plasma / FFP). Blood plasma is a blood component that is liquid, which contains clotting factors, protein, vitamins, calcium, sodium, potassium, a